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Advertorial  •  Excel Course  •  February 20, 2024

Our Pick of the Best Excel Online Course of 2024
[with Certificate]

Best value for money Certifying Course

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Companies are now looking for employees who are committed to learn and who are dedicated to a specific career (Data Analyst, Programmatic Specialist, etc.). Learning how to master a tool like Excel, used by millions of companies worldwide, is key to stand out from competition. Getting MS Excel certified is even better!


We searched for the Best Excel Online Course for you (so you don’t have to) and found what we think is a pioneer in Excel Learning.

Excel is one of the most used tools in Data Analytics. In 1996, there were already more than 30M Excel users in the world; last Q4 there were 9.81M Excel downloads!


The main factors we considered to pick the Best Excel Online Course are: value for money, dedicated support if needed, access on multiple devices, certification, up-to-date content, etc. After trying many Excel Online Courses out, we found Ted Jordan. This Certified Business Analyst offers excellent Online Courses such as the Excel: From Beginner to Advanced Course.


This Excel Course is not too theoretical nor boring: various examples are shared, the content is digestible and comprehensive (even for Excel Beginners), and you learn at your own pace. You can access the Course at a competitive price (there is an offer now!) and get certified at the end of the training.

We also love the fact you can register now and start whenever you want. This way you can avail of the offer they have now and start learning how to master Excel much later.

30-Day money back if not satisfied

US geography graph in Excel.

Excel: a Must in Companies

Excel is used by millions of companies and their employees. Spreadsheets errors may lead to huge financial outcomes. Most problems in this great Analytic Tool are caused by users misuse: it’s crucial to learn how to use Excel professionally to avoid errors and to save time.


Many Excel Beginners search for answers on the good old Google: they lose so much time! Instead, they should join an Excel Online Course to learn tips and tricks and become Advanced users.


Excel users like you understand how critical it is to receive Professional Training and are searching for the Best Excel Online Course. About 32M persons are looking for an Excel Course per month and 5.4K want to access an Excel training in the US.

Excel course, Excel certificate, Excel training searches on the internet per month. Global results and results per country.

Get Certified to Stand Out

Getting certified is a great way to show dedication and to showcase employers your expertise. We all know that earning a certification is expensive (about $100 for Microsoft Excel). One of the many reasons we recommend Ted Jordan’s Online Training is that you can access an Excel Online Course AND Get Certified at a reasonable price.


Add your Excel Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile and on your resume to increase your chances of getting selected when applying for a job. Set you apart from your peers, obtain your Excel Certification and  showcase it on your resume. Check Indeed recommendations if needed.


Finally, what makes the Best Excel Online Course of 2024, on top of getting a Lifetime Access on all devices, is that you get your money back if you’re not satisfied!

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